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Nova Scotia

Arriving in Halifax, I was greeted with the remnants of hurricane Ida and would be leaving later in the week with the early effects of hurricane Larry. I spent a total of four days in Nova Scotia with two beautiful blue-sky days in Lunenburg right in the middle.

Rainy Halifax harbour

This short stay in the Maritimes was a kind of preparation trip with me figuring out airplane-public transportation-bus routes-hostels-feeding myself all in one go. I’m glad I did it. The backpack works like a gem and I saw for myself how fun solo travel can be. I made a bunch of mistakes on the way, but better it happen in Canada than anywhere else!

I arrived in Lunenburg on a rainy day and was met by the crew of the Picton Castle, a tall ship training vessel with which I have potential end-of-gap-year plans. We’ll see how travel restrictions go, but meeting the trainees of Bosun school was great and the administrative team as well, without forgetting the captain too.

I got to eat with the crew, sleep in the boat and go out on the water on smaller sailing ships. I had a blast and cheers to sharing litres-to-go!

My third day was spent mostly in Halifax after a short trip from Lunenburg. I only got the opportunity to walk around Citadel hill as they charged fees for entry, my father tells me visiting the historic fortification was free in his time. I also went to the Canadian museum of Immigration situated on Pier 21 along the harbour which was well worth the visit.

The next day was spent getting back home. This short trip was only the start of my gap year, you’ll have to come back next week to know where I’m headed off next!

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