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Puerto Escondido’s Playas

Puerto Escondido offers incredible beaches for the like of any. It has seven beaches readily available of which many offer surf lessons. I had the chance to practice some skills at Playa Carrizalillo which, to me, looks like paradise.

The beaches range from small and quaint to large and reckless. From the far west, there is 1. Playa Bacocho where I had the chance to release Elton, a baby sea turtle to the ocean while encouraging conservation efforts.

Then, there is 2. Playa Coral a semi-private beach that offers a wonderful sea to swim in. Heading east, we encounter 3. Playa Carrizalillo which was previously mentioned and then one by the other playa 4. Puerto Angelito and 5. Playa Manzanillo. As I headed off to photograph the waves of these twin beaches, I sadly forgot my camera’s hard disk after previous editing and therefore cannot offer you any images. My apologies.

Playa Bacocho

As we continue along the coast, there are 5. Playa Principal, always very busy, 6. Playa Zicatela which is renowned for the amazing surf (but wayyy out of my league), and finally 7. La Punta, a more quiet strip of beach at the very end of the city offering smaller waves and quieter days.


As Oaxaca’s coast is a continuum of amazing beaches, I went on a day trip to the sleepy surf towns of Mazunte and Zipolite situated one beside the other. One way takes around an hour from Puerto Escondido and offers tropical views once again.

There we have it! After four days of 30+ degrees Celsius, I am heading off to a new destination and state. Stay tuned for more!

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