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Home for the Holidays

As Christmas rolled around, it was time for me to take a hiatus from my gap year travels and go back home to visit family and friends.

I had a whole week home with the kitties before we left as a family to go skiing in Whistler. That week was spent getting used to the cold again, going outdoors to hike and backcountry ski as well as trying to stay as far away from Omicron as possible!

Christmas came and went and so did we leave for BC shortly after!

We spent five days skiing across Whistler and Blackcomb and fell in love with the quality of snow and the vast terrain. We spent a day shopping in Whistler Village as well as trying the Olympic outdoor skating rink.

The best day ever was our last when the skies dropped an incredible amount of soft powdery snow. We scoured Blackcomb’s woods and discovered just how fantastic it is to glide atop a pristine buttery surface. We skied till we dropped and left just after closing for Vancouver.

So much snow!

In Vancouver, we visited the fantastic Yoko Ono exposition and discovered local artists too. The poke was incredible, we ordered too much Chinese food, and the apple cider was perfectly warm. Granville Island was home to family photoshoots and our hotel room the site of teary goodbyes.

After two weeks back in Canada (and many times sub-zero temperatures), I went back on a plane (x3) and headed to Ecuador for the next two months!

Finishing month 4 of my gap year, I am still ready for so many more adventures and Ecuador will definitely be full of them!

Thanks for reading and happy 2022! Bee

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