Gap year: Part 2


After two months spent back at home, I flew off again for more adventures. This time, it is to spend 70 days on a sailing yacht as a trainee. We’ll be travelling from the British Virgin Islands (BVIS) near Puerto Rico to Rome, Italy spending time in the Azores, Barcelona, Corsica and even Sardinia.

As throughout my gap year, my goal is to undertake experiential learning which will allow me build on my previous knowledge while still taking me out of my comfort zone. After around two weeks in the BVIS, a 2,500 nautical mile voyage to Portugal’s Atlantique islands is sure to do just so.

As a trainee on Vela, a Seamester training vessel which offers young adults sailing and educational voyages, I’ll be doing everything from navigation, hoisting sails and cleaning the deck to following college-level oceanography, nautical science and leadership classes. With its fair dose of academics, my six instructors and 19 fellow students will also be doing diving in the fore mentioned locations. How amazing does both caribbean and mediterranean diving sound in one voyage, no? And to sprinkle some more magic on top, hiking and shore excursions are also planned.

I am currently writing this on day 2 of the trip, laying in my bunk, waiting for my 1030-1200 anchor watch while the sailboat is comfortably located in Savanah Bay. I am beyond excited to partake in this trip and to share some more of the wonder of the world with you. For now, everything has gone smoothly; the instructors are welcoming and knowledgeable, the other trainees are friendly and outgoing. After three car rides, two planes and a ferry, I am still blissfully content.

The Seamester website offers a world tracking map which you can find lower down on the main page (Vela is the boat you should be locating). As well, there will be daily logs uploaded on the website if my updates are too spare for your liking.

With all that being said, I wish everyone a marvelous summer and safe sailing!

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