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BVIS: Ten Days In

Caribbean seas

The British Virgin Islands (BVIS) are situated in the Caribbean, besides Puerto Rico. Part of the greater virgin islands, they are split between the United States and Great Britain. The spitting image of travel pictures, these islands offer balmy weather, turquoise waters and draw dropping views.

These first few days were spent diving, exploring on land on some of the most remote islands of the BVIS and getting to know the crew and staff.

Diving and snorkeling was amazing with healthy coral and numerous fish species. I had the opportunity to dive in Savanah Bay, visit the reef of The Indians, do a night dive, swim along the wreck of the Rhone, see a Reef shark and also a sea horse!

There were beach days, the visit of the Baths national park and Salt Island. Baths is an agglomeration of humongous rocks right by the sea with openings allowing waves to meander through. The backdrop lets the eye explore pristine white sand beaches with crystal clear blue waters home to numerous yachts and sailboats. Salt Island is desolate with ruins of homes destroyed by the last hurricane to hit the BVIS. It is home to prickly bushes, high cliffs and six goats. Still, jasmine trees bring a sweet scent to the welcome breeze. Right smack in the middle lies a salt flat from which a the island gets its name.

We explored Spanish town by visiting its two supermarkets, enjoyed the good coffee of West End, and spent the final two nights at dock. Among everything else, we also managed to include a few Leadership and Nautical Science classes. Wrapping up these amazing ten days in the BVIS, we are preparing to sail off for a trans-atlantique crossing.

An ocean passage is a huge undertaking. This one will take us from 14-17 days with an eventual arrival in the Azores. That much time away from land, with but the sea and sky as companions, leaves much space for reflection. I am beyond excited to be a part of this trip, and I believe without a doubt that the staff and crew will make it across safely.

Life will be spent by the rhythm of the waves and classes.

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